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Why wear PaperKrane school shoes?

Kids spend an average of 1,000 hours a year in their school shoes and these are therefore perhaps the most important shoes to 'get right'! PaperKrane school shoes are foot shaped, very light, zero drop (flat) and flexible, allowing kids' feet to move and function in the optimal way.  At the same time their feet will be avoiding the heavy, chunky, often heeled shoes which have unfortunately been the main school shoe options for the last few decades.  At PaperKrane we believe it's time to FREE THE FEET of our school kids!  

Can I wash PaperKrane school shoes?

We do not recommend washing PaperKrane school shoes, and instead, a light spot clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe is definitely the preferred way of cleaning our shoes.  PaperKrane school shoes also look amazing once shined with any commercially available shoe shine product.  These are easily found in your local supermarket, and will make PaperKrane school shoes look good as new after a simple application.  

What ages are PaperKrane school shoes suited for?

PaperKrane school shoes are suitable for kids from Prep, all the way through to high school.  Our school shoe size range starts at size EU28 (approximately 4-5 years old) and goes all the way up to size EU42 (Women's size US11). 

How big should school shoes be?

School shoes (and any shoes really) should allow for plenty of wiggle room in the toe area, meaning that toes should be able to spread and move freely.  Allowing toes to move and spread is an essential part of maintaining optimal gait and overall movement.  Lengthwise, feet should be secure (i.e not slipping backwards and forwards) and this is best achieved by leaving around 1-1.5cm of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe (please refer to our size chart for further details).  However widthwise, it's perfectly ok for there to be a lot of room as this will allow feet to splay.  In other words, even if your feet are narrow and our shoes feel quite wide, this is absolutely ok as long as you feel comfortable whilst wearing the shoes.  Extremely narrow and low volume feet may benefit from inserting a very thin inner sole into the shoes (easily found at your local supermarket or pharmacy), but this is not a necessity. 

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