Our size charts are specific to our shoes, and may differ from your usual footwear so we always recommend you measure before ordering. THESE CHARTS ARE FOR OUR NEW SOLES (ARRIVING NOVEMBER 2023)

See our original SIZE CHART page for all other shoes.  

  • Measure BOTH feet on a piece of paper. (we often have one longer foot)
  • Mark a point with the pencil on the edge of the paper that will touch the wall - this is where you will place the centre of your heel. 
  • Stand with your heel against a wall (90 degrees with the floor) , and make sure the paper is also against the wall. 
  • Mark on the paper where the end of the longest toe or toes are. Make sure you keep your pencil upright so as not to add or subtract any mms. 
  • Measure between each of those points. (Once you've measured - Use the measurements from the longer foot
  • Look where your measurements fit within the "BEST FIT" recommendation column. IMPORTANT: You do not need to add on an extra cm to your measurements if looking in this column. We have already taken into account the space you need and the corresponding insole measurement. The only exception is if the foot is near the end of this "best fit", and you want more space for toe space, socks, or growing room, then we suggest looking at the next size up. 
  • Our BEST FIT recommendation column takes into account having between 7mm (tighter fit) - 12mm (ideal space) wiggle room in front of your toes, and 7mm-10mm for toddlers.
  • If your foot measurements are at the very end of the "BEST FIT" recommendation, then we would suggest the next size up if you want to have more space in front of your toes - It would pay to measure your feet again, or have someone else do that for you, just to double check you have the right size - IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE CHECK ALL MEASUREMENTS AGAINST THE RECOMMENDED BEST FIT, AND ALSO THE INSOLE LENGTH and measure more than once if in doubt. 


New sole ADULT size chart