All you need to do is select the size you're after, and what comes to you will be a complete surprise.  They will be amazingly priced between $20-40 a pair, and very limited, so if you're feeling lucky, add a Lucky Dip to your cart, baby!

So, choose the size you're after, if it's sold out, that means no more pairs in that size are available. 

Pairs you may find in your parcel... could be any style released in the past year. We have two options. PinK*, and GENDER NEUTRAL. 

*NB LUCKY DIP PinKs pairs may or may not have pink in the design, this listing contains more feminine style PKs, which could include Pink, or be a maryjane for example.

All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges on sale items. 



FOR BEST RESULTS... please measure both feet while standing with heels against a wall, marking on paper where the longest toe/s are, and the middle of the heel. (Choose a size that fits your longest foot)

If the shoes will be worn with socks, please wear the socks and then measure in the same manner. 

Leave at least 10 - 12mms of space between the longest toe and the inside lengths below.

If your/your child’s feet measure close to the end of the inner measurements on the charts below, we recommend you size up.

While the length measurements are the same across our styles, the upper construction affects the volume. See HERE for a more detailed description of each of our PaperKrane styles. 

Baby and Toddler PaperKrane size chart
The Kids PaperKrane size chart
Big Kids PaperKrane size chart
The Grown Ups PaperKrane size chart