Collection: LUCKY DIP

Please note that if you select multiple pairs of Lucky Dips (including multiple pairs in the same size), They are likely to be the same style of shoe, of course there's a chance they may not be, but you could very well end up with more than one pair of the exact same shoe. 

All of our Lucky Dips are randomly packed and therefore you will not be able to return or exchange any duplicate pairs that arrive. 

All you need to do is select the size you're after, and what comes to you will be a complete surprise.  They will be amazingly priced, and very limited, so if you're feeling lucky, add a Lucky Dip to your cart, baby!

Pairs you may find in your parcel... could be any style from previous shoe releases. 

We have two options. PinK*, and GENDER NEUTRAL. 

*NB LUCKY DIP PinKs pairs may or may not have pink in the design, this listing contains more feminine style PKs, which could include Pink, or be a maryjane for example. 

All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges on heavily discounted items. 


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