Find PaperKrane shoes at these approved stockists around the globe.

Each store will have varied and limited stock, you may even find some unreleased PKs or pairs that have sold out on our site!


AUSTRALIA - Little Tree House Lane (QLD) and Me & Felix Neo (Brisbane) 

USA - PedTerra and Anya's Shop

CANADA - The Foot Collective (TFC shop)  

GERMANY - Tildaleins and Happy Barefoot

ESTONIA - Sepuke 

UK - Happy Little Soles  and Noble Lion

CZECH REPUBLIC - Bosonozka and Little Shoes

BULGARIA - Waldorfland

FRANCE - Petits Pas De Geant

FINLAND - Future Steps 



Know/Own a rad online or bricks and mortar store that you'd love to see PaperKrane stocked at? Tag us on our social media, or email through via our contact form below, and we'll chat!  


FOR BEST RESULTS... please measure both feet while standing with heels against a wall, marking on paper where the longest toe/s are, and the middle of the heel. (Choose a size that fits your longest foot)

If the shoes will be worn with socks, please wear the socks and then measure in the same manner. 

Leave at least 10 - 12mms of space between the longest toe and the inside lengths below.

If your/your child’s feet measure close to the end of the inner measurements on the charts below, we recommend you size up.

While the length measurements are the same across our styles, the upper construction affects the volume. See HERE for a more detailed description of each of our PaperKrane styles. 

Baby and Toddler PaperKrane size chart
The Kids PaperKrane size chart
Big Kids PaperKrane size chart
The Grown Ups PaperKrane size chart