Hello! Thanks for popping over to this page where we attempt to describe the fit and feel of each of our styles, and hopefully help you find the best fit for your feet, and in conjunction with our size charts, avoid unnecessary size exchanges. 

First of all, here is a list of our current PK styles. 

  • CHELSEA BOOT (toddler US 2 to ladies US 11)
  • CHUKKA - LACE UP (toddler US 2 to ladies US 11)
  • MARY JANE (kid US 4 to ladies US 11)
  • SIGNATURE STYLE (newborn to kids US 12)
  • VELCRO (kid US 4 to ladies US 11)

CHELSEA BOOT : Our hot take on this classic boot style. No zippers here, just funky elastic and cute PK boots, in all their slip on glory. Seriously, that makes them our EASIEST model to put on. 

The PK CHELSEA boot is more fitted/lower across the forefoot than our other styles, this is due to the construction of the upper, and because this style of shoe does not offer a way to fasten them to your feet. If you find that they feel firm on your foot when they arrive, rest assured, our leather styles will relax with wear. 

Best suits an average width foot, great for low volume feet. 

PaperKrane Chelsea boot, side view.

From PK customer, Bronwen - "I have PK velcro shoes and Chelsea boots in size 41 and they're super comfy. In other shoes I'm usually an AU 9 or EU 41. My longest foot is 25.7cm and my width is around 9.4-9.6cm so going by my measurements I originally tried size 42 in the Chelsea boots but my feet slid around in them too much. There's still plenty of room in the 41s, they don't feel cramped at all. I wear both styles with thin socks and stockings. I wear both styles for everyday errands, and I also wear the boots for work and going out. The boots replaced a pair of conventional, stiff, pointy, black ankle boots that I used to live in in winter but could never punish my feet with again now that I've discovered PK!"

From PK customer, Rita - "I bought the Chelsea Boots and Mary Janes in EU 38. I usually wear AU size 7/ EU38 in other shoes. My feet are around 23.8cm long and 9cm wide with a narrow heel. I would probably consider my feet to be on the low-average volume with normal arch. Length-wise I find both shoes true to size, there's sufficient wriggle room both with and without socks. The toebox was wide enough for me but not as wide as some other minimalist shoes. It's a happy medium between being foot friendly and stylish :)  The Chelsea is quite spacious mid-foot and around the heel but still secure enough as it's enclosed, however I found it to be much more comfortable with an insole and socks. The MJ is very spacious all round but especially above the toes. I could slide 4 fingers above the toe area and still have space left over 😆 I tried the MJ on with the insoles but unfortunately it was still too spacious for my feet. Unfortunately I will have to return these despite loving the look."


LACE UP : This CHUKKA style low boot is also a slip on shoe, with smart elastic laces. They are a higher volume shoe than all of our other styles, making them a great choice for a wider and higher volume foot. The construction of this style means the forefoot has a feeling of freedom. We have these for toddlers all the way up to US 11 ladies, in black leather, and fun fabrics. 

We will have a pair coming later this year that has a faux fur lining in the upper. This will make the shoe feel smaller/tighter when you first get them. We choose not to line the sole, to keep the foot as close to the ground as possible. If you find our regular chukka boot spacious and big on your foot, then these fur lined fun ones may just be the answer! 

PaperKrane Lace Up side view

From PK customer, Lauren - "I have the LACE UP (50 Suedes of Grey) I’m a size EU 38, I normally wear a size 7US in enclosed shoes, size 6 in open toed (I don’t like my toes being squished in close toed). This size is great and feels quite roomy at the toes which I love. I also have a narrow foot and a medium arch. Can wear comfortably with both thin or thick socks. My length of foot is 24cm long and 8.5cm wide.
From PK customer, April - "I have just bought my first pair of PK's for me. I chose the Chestnut lace up. I describe my foot as long and narrow and Roman shape (longer big toe). My longest foot measures 26.5cm. I most often buy an EU41 in other shoes. I bought the 41 but think I need a 42 as my toe hits the end when I tested them inside with a thin sock. These also have quite a lot of volume over the foot so I think I will be exchanging for a Chelsea boot in 42."
MARYJANE : We came up with this cute and practical style of PK to provide an open strapped option for school, and of course we have since added some pairs with prints in this same style, and in our latest version, some lovely leather colours, too. One thing we have changed since our very first design of PK MARYJANE was to raise and soften the back heel, making these a lot more comfortable for all ages. These are definitely one our most accomodating styles, suitable for high volume, high arch, and with an insert, low/flat feet, too. 
PaperKrane MJ side view
From PK customer, Tamara - "When these Chestnut maryjanes were released I knew I needed them. First impressions - they are like clouds for my feet! Gosh they are comfy shoes. My low volume feet need a bit of help filling out the space, so I've put an insert in them, they are still a bit deep in the toe area but held my foot nicely with the elastic. Looking forward to styling these over the weekend." 

SIGNATURE STYLE : This slip on style is strictly for the littles. (Goes from EU 16 up to an EU 30) and they are great for fostering independence due to how easy it is for kids to slip these on and take them off themselves. The ankle elastic holds around the leg, and the front part of the shoe sits over the foot, creating a super light slip on shoe for babies to kids. Suits all kinds of foot shapes, with nice wide fit/toe box. We call this our SIGNATURE style, because this the original PK shoe shape that we are known for, and where it all started!

PK signature style
From PK customer, Rachel - "I have purchased several pairs of PK’s for myself (PK size 40) and my kids. My toddler prefers to only wear PK’s. He has sensory processing disorder and your shoes just feel the most natural to him and allow him to walk naturally without adjusting for a thick/angled shoe sole.. there is no restriction on his natural gait. As for me, I typically wear a women’s US10, and I have average width feet, a low arch, and have had chronic plantar fasciitis and arthritis. Your shoes are BY FAR the most comfortable I’ve ever owned and I never want to wear anything else now. I have the Skittles, B-nanas, Nineties, and a few other pairs. I freaking adore PK’s!!!!"
From PK customer, Julia - "My 4y/o daughter is currently in a size 28 with a foot length of approx 16.5cm. She chose Skittles because hello rainbow soles! She also wears the signature style Dijon in the same size. They both fit well on her narrow foot with average arch. She runs, scoots, climbs, dances and gets fancy at parties in these shoes. She chooses to wear them with socks and can easily get them on and off independently. I love knowing her feet have the freedom to move the way they should." 

VELCRO : A new addition to our PK styles on offer, this low cut velcro shoe is a great option for those needing to fasten a shoe on a lower volume foot, or needing a little extra room up top. The VELCRO kicks are our most versatile shoe yet.

In our next round of velcro pairs we have added a loop to join the tongue to a strap, and we have also lengthened straps to account for wider/higher feet. 

From PK customer, Sara - "I’m a true EU 37 (AU6) with a foot length of 23cm, and I decided to order my normal size in the Big Banana PK’s. I wear them for daily duties, whether it be shopping or larking about with the kids. Recently I wore them for an hour gentle walk to the park and back. These are the first pair of shoes I haven’t had to “break in”! And not to mention the compliments I get when I wear them. I have a normal arch, but my feet roll to be more flat footed. Interestingly, shoes with little arch support give me sore legs. But not PK’s! The flexibility is like walking barefoot and I haven’t experienced any of my normal issues. I really dig the Velcro PK’s. I like how it hugs my foot (high five to not untying laces!), but still allows wonderful natural movement. I usually wear them with a thin sockette."