In a world that continues to pull us further away from the natural, and more towards a ‘cushioned lifestyle’, PaperKrane is here to bring you and your feet closer to what nature intended….

Believe it or not, our feet are beautiful biomechanical works of art and the foundation of our connection to the world around us.  When you leave them be, they are capable of supporting you through the everyday functions of life just as evolution intended.  It’s when feet are crammed into modern shoes that are chunky, narrow, stiff and cushioned, that they start to malfunction, causing all sorts of other referred bodily pain that you wouldn’t even know can be attributed to your improper footwear. 


PaperKrane shoes are flexible, zero drop (flat), feather light and foot-shaped - as close to barefoot as possible, allowing your feet to feel the ground beneath them, and to function optimally.  

Wearing barefoot shoes:
  1. Increases sensory information to the brain: PaperKrane shoes are thin and light and whilst protecting your feet from the elements, provide minimal interference with foot sensors that send ‘optimal movement information’ to the brain. 
  2. Improves stability: PaperKrane shoes are foot shaped and thus wider, particularly at the toe box.  This allows your feet to splay to their natural width, thus improving overall stability. 
  3. Improves foot strength: PaperKrane shoes are thin and flexible, allowing your feet to bend and flex as nature intended.  This helps to build foot strength which in turn leads to better balance and improvement in overall movement. 
The four Fs


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I think we’re going to try these shoes for my Incredibles sensory defensive 6 year old. I think it feeling more like barefoot will help. My only question, what are they like on the inside. Are there any rough seams? My daughter will be bothered by seams so I’m hoping these are as soft as they could possibly be. Unfortunately socks, even seam free ones, are a hit and miss affair so I need to be prepared that she may wear them without socks. I know you can’t promise anything, but can you give me an idea of the insides and if there’s anything that stands out that could be a problem? And if there is, can they be returned? (I know you couldn’t refund, but I’d possibly look for something for myself or my son). Thanks in advance, Mel :)


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