Time to have a peek at who we are also collaborating with for our next special pair of PKs under our SOLES WITH SOUL initiative… 

Now in our previous blog post we introduced you to Gillie and Marc, the world renowned artist duo who have also created this brilliantly bold Aussie inspired print, based on their artwork, "Lewis, and a few of our favourite things." (More on Lewis the koala here)


For this pair, named “G&M ANIMAL LOVE”, we are also teaming up with Molly’s Wildlife Warriors! 

Molly's Wildlife Warriors logo

This talented group of passionate wildlife lovers started up after Molly @mollywrightofficial (with her mum @_ally_wright), took part in an educational, emotional and very magical trip to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Open Day. 

Molly is an 8 year old actor, who has been fortunate enough to spend time around humanitarians and animal activists. 

Inspired by what she has seen and heard, and the people around her, when Molly was 7, she set up a team of 40 wonderful children, who have spent the past year taking on challenges to raise money for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. 

Currumbin Wildlife hospital logo

Now if you’re not familiar with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital please read on… they are one of the World’s busiest wildlife hospitals and they run ENTIRELY on charitable donations.

The goal of the Hospital is to treat, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife.

In 2020 alone, the Hospital treated nearly 14,000 animals, including 600 koalas, and the Hospital has treated in excess of 140,000 animals in the past 20 years.

They treat every animal that is brought to them, for free, and with these extreme weather events becoming more frequent, they are in need of as much support as we can all give them. Relying solely on donations isn't easy, but the work is too important not to do.

We can help raise awareness for Currumbin through our shoe collaboration, and raise some funds, too. And aligning with groups like Molly's Wildlife Warriors, who raised $23K in 2021 for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, we can reach even more people!! 

rear view of G&M Animal shoes being worn


With this amazing arty Aussie inspired print by Gillie and Marc, we put together a PK style shoe of epic proportions, and along with Molly and her wildlife warriors we hope to bring awareness to the plight of animals in Australia, especially the now endangered Koala. 🐨😢 

Through our Soles with Soul initiative we hope to help amazing wildlife rescue centres like Currumbin Wildlife Hospital 🏥 continue to do the critical work they do every day. ❤️ So wear these special PKs with pride, knowing you're helping wildlife at the same time!

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