Pretty Foundation are our next collab partners, and we can't think of two better pairs of PKs for this cause, than our SAFARI boots, and mary jane ZEEBs.

PaperKrane Zebra flexi sole, with pretty wild, and Pretty Foundation logo

Why the name Pretty?

Pretty is often used in a superficial context with regards to female appearance. Pretty Foundation want to go beyond the superficial and reclaim the power of pretty by using it to describe the true value of women and girls.

She’s pretty inspirational. She’s pretty brave. She’s pretty talented.

With their unique black and white flexi soles, these PaperKrane soles are pretty wild! The one-of-a-kind nature of our soles really illustrate the idea that every zebra has unique stripes, or, that every child is unique, and we are all for helping our youngsters embrace the value to be found in their unique-ness. 

A side on image of the ZEEBs mary jane and the SAFARI chelsea boots, with their names above.

Pretty Foundation is all about building body confidence through storytelling. 

Did you know that body image issues can surface in children as young as 3?

In fact, Australian research shows that 38% of 4-year-old girls in Australia are dissatisfied with their bodies and 34% of 5 year old girls intend to diet. 

On a mission to change this, Pretty Foundation have developed Charlie’s Tales – a body confidence book series (suitable for all children under 7 – not just girls) containing positive body image messages.

Charlie's Tales books

Recognising that the foundations for positive body image are laid in early childhood, these books help children embrace what makes their body unique, value their character, skills and abilities and look after their bodies as they are vehicles for life, not ornaments to be stared at.

So far, almost 60% of parents have reported a positive body image impact on their child within just one month of reading the books to them!

We love that!

We think our shoes are great for encouraging kids to move and find joy in the things their bodies can do, feeling the environment around them can provide them with some added confidence while on their feet. 

5% of the sales of both of the SAFARI boots and ZEEBs will go to Pretty Foundation's charity.  

If you'd like to support Pretty Foundation, and you think your children could benefit from Charlie's Tales, you can find them HERE to purchase. 

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