This sweet collab with talented (Melbourne based) designer and maker, Hannah, from Cookies and Scream features her POPPIN' Strawberry print on our PaperKrane Velcro shoe canvas.

From the sale of each pair we will be donating 5% of the proceeds to Stroke Foundation Australia. 

Floating Cookies and Scream velcro shoes

We asked Hannah to tell us a little about herself and why her chosen cause is so important to her.

"My name is Hannah and I am the owner of Cookies and Scream. I was so stoked when Kate + Zara chose to put my strawberry print on their shoes, little old me, now able to say I am actually wearing my art from head to toe lol. 

The Stroke Foundation is very dear to my heart because in 2020, during one of the covid lockdowns, my mum had a stroke. It was a truly difficult time and though we are lucky we didn't lose her, we definitely did lose parts of her. 

Hannah, legs in PK Strawbs, Hannah's mum


As she learnt to walk again we realised she wasn't able to lift her feet in regular shoes, so we got her a pair of PaperKranes and she has never looked back. :) 

They are the only shoes she will now wear. 

When my sister was 29 she also suffered a stroke, another reason why I have chosen this foundation.

The stroke foundation (which can be found at has been around for 25 years. 

Stroke Foundation Australia logo


They are dedicated to advocating for access to innovative treatments, break through stroke research, increasing public awareness and recognition and more. 

Do you know the signs of stroke? F.A.S.T - 

Face (drooped)

Arms (can't be raised)

Speech (Slurred or confused). 

Time (is critical, outcomes are improved by acting asap - Call 000) 


You can find this and lots of other usual information and resources on their website

This beautiful pair are now SOLD OUT = gone! Maybe we will do another collab with Hannah some time in the future. 

Hannah's daughter Louie in her Strawberry PKs
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