August 03, 2014


Hello! It's been a bit quiet around these parts with all the work, moving house and sickness that's been going on lately! So not many updates to send out via email!

When it rains it really does pour!! 

Anyway, I will be away for the next two weeks visiting my family, the store will be closed during that time, and when I get back there will be a big restock and release (Some of you missed the smaller restock last week as everything just went too fast before I could even tell most of you about it! Long story short, I had loaded stock onto the website, my laptop died... when I got round to plugging it back in, as you do when there's a baby to distract you from doing such things... most of the stock had already been found and bought!) Whoops! But thank you to those of you excited enough to stalk the website for available stock. 

I promise there will be new prints available Aug 20th, and also some of the favourites will have a restock. I've decided to let everyone know the date and time this time round as there was just so much to organise the last few times and trying to stagger the release was difficult! With being away, this is the easiest option for all of us!

restock date

Mark it in your diaries! And remember, if you don't live in Australia, chances are Aug 20th at 8pm AEDT could be another day and time for you. So get your google on and find out, or perhaps miss out?! And I wouldn't want that to happen, again! :( 

Have a great weekend, and I'll keep you as informed as I can while I'm away.

May 31, 2014

STORE UPDATE - restock/release

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys! I've finally cleared the orders from the last release, well most of them anyway! Ha ha. 

As this hits your inboxes, the online store will reopen. 

There will be more Bat Boots, Wild Things, Tri Top 2.0 boots, more bandana bibs, and a couple of new styles. Well, one returning pair and one new. You'll see the mustard Leo boots have made a comeback, finally, and that there's a new pair called GRUNTS. A dark army camo pair that are great for hitting the playground, as well as cruising in the pram. 

This week we also had a small PaperKrane shoot at the beautiful Werribee Mansion (out west in Melbourne) - This is Ry, the photographer's son. He's rocking our camo pants and GRUNTS. I was glad to have this little action man to test out the new booties. He ran ran ran... then walked a bit, then climbed, then ran again! Booties on the whole time. So for those of you who aren't sure about a pair of PaperKranes for your little walkers, just ask Ry and his mum how this pair went! Plus... how amazing are her pictures! More to come. In the meantime, go shoe her some love by liking her Facebook page. :)

You can find his LA BOSS (with gold foil) tee here at Little Peeps. (Another Australian business who we love to support.)

So if you were after a pair of booties, get online and grab a pair. The next restock and product launch will be towards the end of June... in two weeks we have Wren's first birthday! So there will be a period when the store closes again... and just like me, I don't have much prepared for her party!! The next two weeks are going to be BUSY!

Thanks again for all your support, it's great to see my little biz go from strength to strength and that's thanks to you guys. 


May 15, 2014


Hey there, thanks to all the people emailing and messaging me to let me know that my store is 'not working'... I had in fact closed up shop so that I would have a chance to get the orders from the past week + finished and out to everyone. As it's just me on my own here at PaperKrane, the large influx of orders was a little overwhelming, and as they kept coming day after day (after the last release of new booties) my brain felt like it might explode! I didn't want that to happen, so I've just disabled the store until I can catch up and also create some of the new items I'm wanting to work on and release at the end of May. 

Store closed

Thanks heaps for all the support and of course orders! You guys sure do love you some PK booties!!

May 03, 2014


Morning! Just a quick one to say that a few of the new styles are now available on the website. They launched right when this email went out. So if you're getting this, then you have a head start on the action!

Here's a look at what is now available on the website.

These cool camo pants, made by Love Ninnie for PaperKrane are up for pre order today... so great!

PaperKrane Camo Pants

Here are some of the bootie styles that are now available.

Wild Thing baby boots Geometric Triangle high tops

PopRock Princess high tops  Flamingo baby boots




April 24, 2014


Hello Paper Babes!!

The past few months have been PaperKrane's best (and busiest) months to date and I'm so happy that I get to share this exciting time with all of you! Also, most importantly... I want to say "Thank you!" for supporting my little family and business.

To celebrate I want to give two of you an early Mother's Day gift - that lasts a year! One little boy, and one little girl will have their little tootsies taken care of for an entire year! (If you're not a mum (or dad) but want to win these for a niece, nephew or a random cute baby in your neighbourhood... that's okay, too!) 

The two lucky winners will win booties for a year, that means that you will each get 4 pairs of PK handcrafted shoes over the next twelve months. One pair for each season. Choose a pair in April, July, October, and January (2015).

All you have to do to enter is... 

1. Comment on THIS blog post with the four pairs you might like to win. (Have a look at the website, perhaps you've seen a pair on Instagram that I've posted as a sneak peek? Or perhaps there's something you'd like to see me create over the next year!? Tell me about it.)

2. Be a liker of the PaperKrane Facebook page. (Personal accounts only - no business entries, sorry)

3. Like and comment on the original Facebook post HERE. Comment GIRL or BOY.

(You are also more than welcome to repost/share that Facebook image with the hashtag, #PaperKraneforayear. This = additional entries, but is not necessary to complete an entry. Don't forget to post it publicly or I won't see it.)

4. Cross your fingers for a win. (Winners will be chosen at random)


The giveaway opens right now and ends April 28th, 2014 at 8 PM AEDT (Melbourne time)

Enter only once by completing steps 1, 2, and 3. (You must do all three to have a valid entry.)

This giveaway is open internationally. (Although, if the winner is outside Australia you will not have your booties sent in tracked parcels - which is normal anyway.)

You must be 18 years old to enter.

Good luck! This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.



February 22, 2014


The Bonds baby search kicked off this week. It's got to be one of the yearly events that an Aussie mama looks forward to!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... take a look here.

If you live in Australia and have an under 5 babe, enter them asap --> HERE!

My lovely little lady, Wren, and I were selected as Insta Baby Stylists this year... cause we love to take and share photos on Instagram, and we love to wear Bonds gear!! We are so honoured and thrilled to be part of this huge event, and to share our style with a larger audience. 

If you're on Instagram and want a chance to snaffle $300 from Bonds for your baby, just use the hastag #BondsBabyStyle and show of your styling skills! 

Some of our favourite BONDS items include, every pair of leggings ever made, Wondersuits in winter, and the new Ribbies Henley Coverall (so lovely) plus you can't go past their signature singletsuit to wear under every outfit. 

Bonds leggings with Whistle and Flute tee and PK bootsBonds outfit of the day

Wren in Bonds Ribbies Henley CoverallBonds leggings with Truly Sanctuary Tee

Image one - Je Taime tee by Whistle and Flute, headband by Kapow Kids, Yogi boots by PK, Bonds leggings.
Image two - Bonds raglan tee, Bonds leggings, Spotty Dotty boots by PK.
Image three - Bonds Ribbie Henley Coverall in Iced Lemon.
Image four - Bonds leggings in multiple prints, Bill Murray tee by Truly Sanctuary. (One of the reasons I love Bonds baby leggings is that they go well with the shoes I make and pretty much any tee you have, they make a great wardrobe basic for any baby.)
February 07, 2014


So just a quick one! I had every intention of writing about how I loved bandanas and a nice little collection of my own when I lived in Korea. Perfect for winter, and snowboarding and riding your bike in -20 weather. But... as so often it does lately, time has slipped away! Between breakfast for the baby and popping her down for a nap and making myself feel human again... there is not much time!


So anyway, I have a bunch of new prints from Fabulous designer Andrea Lauren, and I'm putting them on the website for pre order, tonight at 8pm AEDT (so roughly ten hours from now)


Here's the first exclusive sneak peek of some of the pairs... 

I'll also be releasing some new bandana bibs made from soft cotton knit fabrics with a fleece lined jersey on the reverse! Great for little dribblers, and stylers.

December 14, 2013


So, the time has almost come to shut up shop, take a breath, put my feet up for a minute. Then clean my house!! (Something that has fallen way way way by the wayside since Wren was born 6 months ago! Even more so over the last three weeks... *hangs head in shame, and apologises to those that have come to visit recently and had to witness the mess!) 

The last three weeks have been busier than I've ever been in the last couple of years. So thank you so much for supporting my little biz and snapping up a whole bunch of the new pairs that I managed to get ready. I can't wait for the next lot of new prints to arrive. I've gone with more designs by Andrea Lauren, as she is ACE! And really knows how to geometrically capture all the cool animals.

So, late Sunday December 15th (AEDT - That's Melbourne/Sydney), or possibly when I get up with Wren at 5:30am on Monday morning I will be closing the online store down for Christmas. During this time there will be no way to order products until the store re-opens in mid January. Hopefully with a bevvy of new, funky boots, booties, bandana bibs, blankies, paper birdies and other bbbbrilliant things! You will, instead, be able to check out some beautiful photos from the PaperKrane photo shoot with Joleen Pete, a natural light photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

If you do want to enquire about placing an order, or get some info, there is the contact button (lower right of your screen) and I'd love to hear from you! 

Well... Happy Holidays from my little family, we are looking forward to our first Christmas with Wren, and also our first one back in the motherland with our families for the first time in about 5 years! Have a great time, and see you in the New Year! Oh and if you had an order that you wanted to place, you've got about 12 hours to do so!! 




December 06, 2013


So, I can't extend it to the traditional 12 days of Christmas cause then we'd actually be too close to Christmas to post things!

Anyway... the idea is that for the next 7 days (starting today, Friday the 6th of Dec, Thursday the 5th for some of you!) there will be a giveaway/deal/discount/or freebie a day leading up to the store closing over Christmas. 

Today to kick things off, I've kept it nice and easy - to pick up some PK bucks (PaperKrane store credit) to spend online, all you have to do is pop over to the PaperKrane Facebook page and comment under the DAY 1. picture with your cheesiest pick-up line!

Winners will be chosen by the number of likes their pick up line gets. Easy! You have till 8pm AEDT (approx 10 hours from now) 

PaperKrane Christmas giveaway


For those of you outside of Australia, please feel free to participate, but I can't promise you that anything posted after today will arrive before Christmas... but I'd love for you to join in the fun, and if you win, it'll still make it's way to you, just maybe not in time for Christmas!! 


December 02, 2013


Well, judging by everyone's Facebook updates... a lot of Christmas trees went up over the weekend! 

Do you have a tradition at your house of putting up your Christmas tree on the 1st of December?

I don't actually remember what day we used put ours up when I was younger, but I do remember that it was one of my favourite days of the year! We've been living away from home for so many years that we haven't had a proper Christmas tree for ages! 

Even though this is Wren's first Christmas, we will be in New Zealand with family, (who will have a tree up) so I think we're going to leave our tree till next year when she's 18 months old and able to feel a little more excitement towards decorating the tree and opening presents.

Anyway due to the lack of a physical tree at our place, I've created a free Geometric Christmas Tree printable that you can use on your Christmas cards, put in a little frame (8x10) or possibly even create your own wrapping paper from if you're super excited about it!

You can find the PDF HERE. Enjoy! Share it around, and I hope your holidays are happy ones. Or if you prefer Rudolph you can click HERE!

Geometric Christmas tree