October 18, 2015


Today sees the release of the cool Kapow Kat PKs! 

Charcoal Kapow KatsCoral Kapow Kats

{Featuring the coral leopard print from Andrea at Kapow Kids, another Melbourne label we love.}

The stock will load at 4pm and I'm predicting it'll move faster than a leopard chasing dinner. So don't delay. There will be more of this print at a later date but today will see both coral and charcoal pairs loaded in abundant numbers. So choose your fave!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and if you're tuning in for today's restock just remember I put all the stock I can physically make in the turnaround time, up on the website, and it's become a little like a sporting event that sells out quickly. I love that they are in such high demand, and that so many of you come back for more pairs, it means I'm doing something right with a product I've put so much of myself into.

Thank you. Kate xx

Pssst... because I like to keep things light and fun, there may also be something else that pops up at 4pm... but I'm not going to tell you what it is! #sorrynotsorry 

October 10, 2015


Super sorry for the short notice on this one. Especially if you're not following PaperKrane on Instagram or Facebook. 

Restock is at 12pm AEDT (Melbourne time) Saturday October 10th. (And thanks to a major technical difficulty this will only arrive at 12pm into your inbox... which I am so super sorry for)

There are two main styles available, the Daisy Duke, and the Boss Boots (featuring the cool Boston terrier print from my fave designer, Andrea Lauren) Check them out. 

Daisy Duke baby high topsBoss Boots


I've also got some sneaky extra pairs JUST FOR YOU GUYS READING THIS in the same styles as the previous restock. Glow Yo, Spotty Dotty, BubbleGems, and Highland Fling (Those pairs are all ready to ship and will be located on another page which you can access HERE... This stock will appear shortly after 12pm as well, but will not be visible unless you use that link above. The new styles will still run to the 3-4 week turnaround so if you get both the ready to ship will ship out later.) 

Hope this reaches you in time! Good luck!

Kate xx

September 03, 2015


Hey! Howdy! Hello! 

So today starts 3 days of epic restocks. ZOMBIE MASH preorders open at 12:30pm AEST and once sold out that's it. There are, as always, a limited number so that they can be made and sent out before Halloween this year. (Aiming to be in the post first week of OCT)

Then the following day we have the GLOW YO (glow in the dark) skulls! Neon yellow, awesomeness! You've never seen solar powered booties quite like these! 

And Saturday there will be the more traditional restock with several new prints. HIGHLAND FLING - which is a lovely navy and red number, the BUBBLEGEMS - all the bright bubblegum flavours have come to the party on this pair! And last but not least the jade SPOTTY DOTTY boots. Love this colour, and also the clean black and white spots on the toe! CHECK ALL THE STYLES "HERE"

Same rules apply - get in, get out! I hope you manage to snag the pair you want, and if you don't hopefully there will be more of the Saturday styles available at the next restock in a few weeks. 

Kate xx

July 31, 2015


Hey!! How's it going? It's that time again... PK restock night is upon us!

This weekend we move house, again! So tonight I'm setting up a restock. It's not quite as big as the last one, but there will still be plenty of Mint On Acid, Panda Paws V2, Pickles, Navy Baby, and some Blue Jean Beige-y PKs (which I will be making more of in the coming months as they're one of my fave pairs!) for you to snap up. 

The restock is at 9pm AEST (Melbourne Australia time) tonight. So not too far away! (6 ish hours from now)

Good luck, and I'll hopefully set up the next one half way through August once we're settled and the orders from tonight go out. 

P.S. Remember, the cart doesn't hold items till you've made it through Paypal to the page where you'll add your shipping. So if you go through Paypal and it says "inventory issues" don't worry, click on the shop link and try again, nothing is SOLD OUT till it says SOLD OUT on the shop page where you can see all the items together. (That means some might be in carts and could be released in the coming minutes) 

It's always the best bet to try for one pair, once you have the confirmation order page up there will be a code for you to use should you choose to go back for more pairs, this code will drop the postage off your consecutive orders... (You just enter that code on the shipping page, and when you're there your items are held for 5 mins) 


Kate xx

April 17, 2015


Hey peeps, just a quick post to let you know (If you hadn't already seen on Instagram and Facebook earlier in the week) that there is a restock today at 2pm AEST (that's Melbourne Australia time) 

There'll be the same stock as the last restock, so The Bronx boots, Retro Blooms, and Pitch Black Lime. Also there are a few surprise pairs, with the Pink Panda Paws making their first appearance and also a few of the popular TriTop Fruits from last year... there's Blueberry, Raspberry, Grape and Mint at this restock. 

Same as always, it's best to be prepared. Log into paypal 5-10 minutes before the store restocks, make sure you have your credit card handy if you don't have a paypal account. If you have a store account, log into that too, so you don't have to log in while checking out... Know exactly what you want and the size you need and go for it. Trust me, there's no time to hesitate. The Shopify cart doesn't hold items for you, so if you are the first to get through to checkout, they're yours, if not, you'll get a screen that says "something went wrong" or "there seems to be some inventory issues"... don't push the back button, click on the shop icon or PaperKrane icon, reset that page and see if there's pairs still available. Pushing the back button just confuses you into thinking the pairs are still available when they might not be!! 

If you want things like PK tees or totes, make sure they're in your cart before 2PM, that way you won't have to add them after you chose your booties. 

PaperKrane Retro Bloom booties

Remember, I am just a small one woman business and that while I try to do as many pairs as humanly possible, there is still a finite number of available stock at each restock. Once orders come in, I then take 2-3 weeks to work on putting all the pairs together, getting them packed and sent out to you. If you do miss out, there will always be another restock not far round the corner, and also there's sometimes some random pairs available for sale... on instagram I've started a hashtag #sellyourpkshere and if you have preloved PKs, you can use that hashtag to sell yours on to one of the mums who is looking for them! 

Thanks, and good luck today! Please be kind on social media, remember that there's lots of people trying to get the same finite number of items, and that some of you will be successful, and some will miss out. I know, it sucks! 

Kate xx

April 05, 2015


Hello! Hard Rocker high tops

So just a quick heads up, I'm going to put this style - the Hard Rockers - into stock. 2pm on Sunday afternoon, April 5th, but that's Melbourne Australia time, so remember, that could be sometime on the 4th or perhaps a different time on the 5th for you. 

There'll be just this style available, the other booties will remain sold out or coming soon. The store has some PK tees in stock and tote bags too! So if you were after one of those, I suggest popping that into your cart, just before 2pm (or whatever time that will be for you) and waiting for the booties to pop up at 2. 

There will be a few available, but there may not be enough for everyone? This is always the case, and that means some will go to check out and the item will no longer be in the cart, as the stock is limited, it goes to the first people to pay for their orders. Unfortunately this is the way the cart works, on mine, and many stores. Please don't be too upset if this happens, it is out of my hands. There will always be more booties! :) {Tips for a quick check out include using your laptop instead of your phone, logging into paypal early, knowing exactly the size that you need, adding other items to the cart beforehand. And just clicking faster than anyone else. Make sure your paypal address is up to date and that you select the correct postage upon checkout.}

I know I have been getting a few emails and comments on Instagram and Facebook about when things will be available, I'll hope you have a read of the next bit so I can hopefully explain things better. I'm sorry if you missed the two restocks I had just over a week ago, there wasn't a lot of warning and I'm sorry I missed sending out an email. 

{Just a little background on why there hasn't been as many restocks or styles released this year.} In mid February we took Wren (our little girl) to a specialist appointment for her leg/hip. We had been waiting a couple of months for that to come up and when we finally got there we found out that she had been living with a dislocated hip since birth or soon after. Within two weeks she was in hospital for hip surgery (to pop the leg back in) and is currently in week 5 of being in a 12 week spica cast (It goes from her armpits to her ankles). Then it'll be on to a brace. She is currently a full time care job for me during the day, and requires nappy changes overnight as well. So my time is at a premium and I'm very stretched as it is. (Even more now than before, and getting a lot less sleep!) I hope you can understand. I'm just doing the best I can. I want you to have booties, I have so many that are half way prepared, I just don't have the time to get them all finished. Wren is, and always will be, number one priority and I wanted to make sure you all understand that. So asking me when I'm going to restock or if I can make a special order for you, adds more stress. As parents yourselves, I think you'll get where I'm coming from. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your Easter weekend xo

I'll keep working towards getting more styles out over the next couple of months. 



January 14, 2015


Happy New Year! Who else is still feeling like they're in holiday mode?

This month is running a little differently to a regular month on the PK website due to me heading away in 2 week's time, for 2 weeks... Since the start of January I've been working at getting an amount of stock ready to ship, or close to shipping anyway, so that I can get things packed and sent before heading away for a much needed break!

So here's how it'll go over the next 1.5 weeks. There will be a couple of styles available every couple of days, and all orders will ship around the 26th of Jan (so in just under 2 weeks from now... a pretty good turnaround time compared to the usual 3-4 weeks I've been working with for the past year thanks to some prep!)

PK Plum booties

BOOTIES THIS WEEK: All released at 12pm AEDT (check your time diff)
THURS 15th ~ Pitch Black {Kapow} + Gems + Bronze Babes.

SAT 17th ~ Geo Pines + PK Sorbet {super ltd}

SUN 18th ~ Pitch Black {inky spot} + Plum

{There may be a few other things here and there depending on how I'm going... and more next week.}

Aiming to have them all done by and posted on Mon 26th. So good luck, lock it in depending on what you want. If you want things on different days I'm happy to refund extra postage for you. (You must let me know this in the notes of any order after the first one, or I will send separately)
But please no other requests or questions via email over the next week.
I'll try to give you as much info via social media as I can, and I hope that you take the time to read or look for the answers before emailing, it's usually all there! I won't be answering as there so much to get done!

This is part of a special focus month where I'm planning ahead for the year. There are some rad things coming up for PaperKrane.  But that's also why this month is running a little differently to usual! Thanks xx Kate
November 28, 2014

CHRISTMAS STOCKING (Last restock of the year!)

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!! SUNDAY 30th NOVEMBER ~ 12PM (AEDT - Melbourne Australia time)

There is going to be almost double the usual amount of stock so HEAPS and HEAPS of booties! #bootiesgalore
So I'm hoping this means we won't have too many problems with you getting what you want, but I'd still be there at 12PM to avoid disappointment! Nbody likes an ugly cry face! ;)

I'll put up some tips over the next 48 hours (on Facebook and Instagram) to help you get those booties faster! I'll also preview most of the styles available as well... There will be a LOT of new prints, and only a couple of 'old' ones.  

Also... this time I'm disabling the "LOCAL PICKUP" option at checkout as it seems some of you Victorians are checking out too fast to even notice that you've selected that ;) ... and then it takes me a lot of time to go through and check every order, and invoice you for the postage. So if you want to pick up (I live in Werribee VIC 3030 AUS), email me once you've ordered and I will refund you the money.

All Australian orders will be shipped in express satchels to try get your orders there before Christmas, and overseas orders, I can no longer guarantee your order will reach you by Christmas so keep that in mind. Once again thanks, and good luck!

Kate x

October 31, 2014


Good morning! Happy Halloween to those of you where it's the 31st already!
In just under 12 hours the store will be filled with booties for pre order... 
There's the new GOLD DUST boots, and some cool fruity Tritops that nobody has seen yet! Plus plenty of the regular goodies!
Are you ready?

 PK restock

GOLD DUST BOOTS - 9PM OCT 31ST - AEDT (Melbourne, Australia time) so get on Google and look up your local time zone to see when that is for you! I know 9pm here is 11pm in New Zealand... but that's all I know!) 

Gold dust boots

Good luck, things can get pretty crazy in the couple of minutes after the store is stocked, so if you are looking for something, please don't hesitate... get those booties in the cart and check them out! Click click! Fastest fingers wins :P

Kate xx

October 12, 2014


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Restock is almost here... in 20 mins to be exact!

Do you have your clicking finger ready?!

Here's some housekeeping that I popped up on Instagram and Facebook already - Warning MANY WORDS AHEAD! At 10am Sunday 12th OCT, AEDT, there'll be a restock of the items that were already in the store (barring a couple of pairs where the fabric is running low)... there will be one new style and that's the PITCH BLACK Leo... over the next couple of weeks there'll be some more new styles released {Sienna + Me}... I will let you know in advance what and when they'll be.

As I still have orders to finish before Mo nday, I won't be answering emails for the next 48 hours. Please be patient with me. Please check the size chart carefully. Do not order one size and request another, this will not be possible. Please remember to select the correct postage option, and check the postal address you enter. If the size and style you want says sold out... it means sold out. I won't be able to add any extra orders/requests to the workload this time... there are more shoes coming, so please don't feel sad/bad/mad if you miss out. This is still a small handmade operation working to order with a three week turnaround {really quite fast for the amount of work involved in one pair} and it's being pushed to the limits at the mo!

Thanks! And good luck! Kate x