September 03, 2015

Hey! Howdy! Hello!  So today starts 3 days of epic restocks. ZOMBIE MASH preorders open at 12:30pm AEST and once sold out that's it. There are, as always, a limited number so that they can be made and sent out before Halloween this year. (Aiming to be in the post first week of OCT) Then the following day we have the GLOW YO (glow in the dark) skulls! Neon yellow, awesomeness! You've never seen solar powered booties quite like these!  And Saturday there will be the more traditional restock with several new prints. HIGHLAND FLING - which is a lovely navy and red number, the BUBBLEGEMS - all the bright bubblegum flavours have come to the party on this pair!... Continue Reading →


July 31, 2015

Hey!! How's it going? It's that time again... PK restock night is upon us! This weekend we move house, again! So tonight I'm setting up a restock. It's not quite as big as the last one, but there will still be plenty of Mint On Acid, Panda Paws V2, Pickles, Navy Baby, and some Blue Jean Beige-y PKs (which I will be making more of in the coming months as they're one of my fave pairs!) for you to snap up.  The restock is at 9pm AEST (Melbourne Australia time) tonight. So not too far away! (6 ish hours from now) Good luck, and I'll hopefully set up the next one half way through August once we're settled and the orders... Continue Reading →