CHRISTMAS STOCKING (Last restock of the year!)

November 28, 2014

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!! SUNDAY 30th NOVEMBER ~ 12PM (AEDT - Melbourne Australia time) There is going to be almost double the usual amount of stock so HEAPS and HEAPS of booties! #bootiesgalore So I'm hoping this means we won't have too many problems with you getting what you want, but I'd still be there at 12PM to avoid disappointment! Nbody likes an ugly cry face! ;)I'll put up some tips over the next 48 hours (on Facebook and Instagram) to help you get those booties faster! I'll also preview most of the styles available as well... There will be a LOT of new prints, and only a couple of 'old' ones.  Also... this time I'm disabling the "LOCAL... Continue Reading →


October 31, 2014

Good morning! Happy Halloween to those of you where it's the 31st already! In just under 12 hours the store will be filled with booties for pre order...  There's the new GOLD DUST boots, and some cool fruity Tritops that nobody has seen yet! Plus plenty of the regular goodies! Are you ready?   GOLD DUST BOOTS - 9PM OCT 31ST - AEDT (Melbourne, Australia time) so get on Google and look up your local time zone to see when that is for you! I know 9pm here is 11pm in New Zealand... but that's all I know!)  Good luck, things can get pretty crazy in the couple of minutes after the store is stocked, so if you are looking... Continue Reading →