Colour me wild, it’s a fashion frenzy of prints and colour pops as ZOOBRA struts into town to bring festive cheer and unbridled delight to PK babes everywhere. A sensory pick n’ mix, this PK pair marries zebra print fronts with silver toes and shades of neon pink inside. An external palette of grey tones provides a grungy contrast to the sparkling silver vinyl soles beneath, and in one final surprise, pull back the tongue and you get an electrifying jolt of aqua blue, making these booties perfect for the little babe or beau in your life.


All sizes will have silver vinyl soles. This shoe has leather laces, make sure to remove the laces before washing and remember to dry off metal eyelets immediately after washing to avoid rust.


Print placement varies from shoe to shoe, making each pair one of a kind. That’s the beauty of handmade! As not all the shoes in this epic restock will be ready to ship, please expect your order to be shipped in the first week of December to arrive at your door in time for Christmas. Check the size chart on our website carefully and please make sure to order the size you need.


All booties are mainly crafted from high quality cotton, so will allow your little one's feet to breathe. They are designed to stay on, and in winter offer the perfect solution to keeping little socks on little feet! They're fully machine-washable and ideal for every stage of baby and toddlerhood, from crawling and cruising, to standing, strolling and playing.

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