Size Guide

Call us fangirls, but when we designed these incredible burgundy woven textured leather PKs, there was only one name for them, 'Ron'!

Just like Ron Burgundy, these signature style kicks with their deliciously textured leather, maroon suede heel and toe details and gum soles, are suave, sleek and kind of a big deal! So stay classy and grab a pair before they disappear and you wind up kicking yourself in your breathtaking hiney!



  • FLEXI - Natural rubber sole that packs a punch in the flex department 
  • MIDI - Genuine suede sole with natural rubber insert for active little walkers
  • SOFTI - Genuine suede soles for the smallest PK babes
  • Leather, cotton canvas lined, uppers that breathe 
  • Leather toe and heel details to reinforce where it's needed most


SOFTI SIZES EU 17 (US size 0) to EU 18 (US size 1)

MIDI SIZES | EU 19 (US size 2) to EU 23 (US size 5)

FLEXI SIZES | EU 22 (US size 4) to EU 30 (US 12)  

Refer to the PK size chart to find your closest fit SIZE CHART



  • To make cleaning your LEATHER PKS easier we suggest treating with a waterproof stain protector BEFORE wearing. 
  • Spot clean or wipe - we don't recommend machine washing or submerging your leather PKs in water. 
  • Do not leave to soak in water to avoid any colour run and damage.
  • Brush or wipe the soles and uppers to clean.  

Leather is a natural material, and will vary in appearance. Some areas may be smooth, and some will contain natural lines or creases, this does not affect your shoes or their function in any way.

Colours may vary from screen to screen, and pattern placement (if printed fabric) will vary from pair to pair. As with any item made from fabric or leather, wear and tear is part of the normal life of this item, every line or mark tells the story of an adventure your little one has been on. 

These shoes are ready to ship.

As the purchaser you agree that you are responsible for the customs charges, taxes and duties set by your country or region.

Once you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email with the order details, and then once your shoes ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email - please make sure our email is marked as safe so any communications regarding your order does not go into your spam box.


FOR BEST RESULTS... please measure both feet while standing with heels against a wall, marking on paper where the longest toe/s are, and the middle of the heel. (Choose a size that fits your longest foot)

If the shoes will be worn with socks, please wear the socks and then measure in the same manner. 

Leave at least 10 - 12mms of space between the longest toe and the inside lengths below.

If your/your child’s feet measure close to the end of the inner measurements on the charts below, we recommend you size up.

While the length measurements are the same across our styles, the upper construction affects the volume. See HERE for a more detailed description of each of our PaperKrane styles. 

Baby and Toddler PaperKrane size chart
The Kids PaperKrane size chart
Big Kids PaperKrane size chart
The Grown Ups PaperKrane size chart