PaperKrane has joined sartorial forces with none other than Holly Jackson, an Australian artist with a gift for transforming the regular and everyday into something truly extraordinary. These purple hand-painted denim HJPKs are just one example of the Jackson touch as the artist brings her love of bright colour, mixed media and fashion to this collaborative collection of PK high tops. So if you love the colour purple, if Purple Rain tops your lyrical list or you just have a soft spot for the purple Teletubby, then these are the booties for you.


Because the soles (on the two larger sizes) are genuine suede, they won't be machine washable. So please spot clean your shoes. There are suede cleaning kits on the market, and waterproofing sprays that you can get to lengthen the life and looks of your suede soles. There may be some moulting of the suede, so just lint roll the surface if you need to, stronger colours, like the fuchsia colour of this pair, may also have some transfer onto feet/socks.

Print placement varies from shoe to shoe, making each pair one of a kind. That’s the beauty of handmade! Your booties will be posted out within a week of placing your order. Check the size chart on our website carefully and please make sure to order the size you need.

All booties are mainly crafted from high quality cotton, so will allow your little one's feet to breathe. They are designed to stay on, and in winter offer the perfect solution to keeping little socks on little feet! They're ideal for every stage of baby and toddlerhood, from crawling and cruising, to standing, strolling and playing.

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