That fabulous Chuck and Taz print, which previously graced the PK line-up in glorious carnival technicolour, makes a bold re-entrance this restock in black and white. Hand-painted brush strokes of black, grey and silver in shades dark and light create a mesmerising monochrombination on this stellar PK pair. From the metallic silver toe to the pop of teal behind the tongue, the overall effect is out of this world.


Print placement varies from shoe to shoe, making each pair one of a kind. That’s the beauty of handmade! Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround for your product to be made and shipped out. (This restock the turnaround time should be shorter, but 3-4 weeks is at max)

Check the size chart on our website carefully and please make sure to order the size you need.


All booties are mainly crafted from high quality cotton, so will allow your little one's feet to breathe. They are designed to stay on, and in winter offer the perfect solution to keeping little socks on little feet! They're fully machine-washable and ideal for every stage of baby and toddlerhood, from crawling and cruising, to standing, strolling and playing.

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