Say hello to the next gen PK with genuine suede soles and details. This little baby is the 502! The follow on from our famous 501 denim pair of PKs. The suede gives this pair a tough outer, and we've prepared the denim with more reinforcement to make a more structured shoe. The suede should relax with wear over time, so don't worry if they fit a little differently to our regular PKs.   

This is the first time that PaperKrane has worked with an outside local source to complete our shoes. This is an exciting time for us, because going forward it means we should be able to bring more shoes to each restock! Woohoo! 

Each pair is lovingly made, and this lot are almost ready to ship, so the turnaround time will be under 2 weeks to get them out to you in the post. 

Because they are genuine suede, they won't be machine washable. So please spot clean your shoes. There are suede cleaning kits on the market, and waterproofing sprays that you can get to lengthen the life and looks of your suede soles. 



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