Hi there. My name is Kate, and I'm the driving force behind the PaperKrane brand.  

After a 4 year stint living and teaching in South Korea, (2007-2011) I moved to Melbourne, Australia. (for my husband's job) It was then that I knew the time was right... it was a 'now or never' situation for me to create a place of work for myself, doing something I loved to do, design and create! Or get back into the workforce in a 9-5 job... I knew which I preferred. 

So I threw the savings I had left into PaperKrane. And what you see today on Facebook, Instagram, and here on the website is where we are! I have big dreams for my little biz and I want to thank those of you who have shopped for your little one, and really thank those that have come back again and again. You make me believe, every day, that PaperKrane can make it!

In June 2013 we welcomed our first baby, Wren. She's a pretty cool little lady, and you can see a lot more of her over on my Instagram page. She is as much part of the business as the booties!


PaperKrane is all about bringing badass booties, unique high tops, and practical footwear to you and your littles. They actually do stay on, and also encourage correct foot development for those little walkers by allowing the toes to spread out and feel the floor. (No stodgy hard soles that can cause accidents and clumsiness in babies) I just love to design and create and have a lot of fun perfecting my latest boots. I also have a passion for fantastic fabric. I really think you're going to like what is coming this year/next.


I set up this business with the idea that I could work from home when I had children... now that I have one!! Hmm I might need some help! Ha ha. I imagined I'd have heaps of time to make Wren booties to go with each of her outfits, but I don't! Even though her collection of shoes is growing as I make and test out new designs/fabric. With a babe in tow, it's now taking me longer to make stock to fill the online store or replace the stock that sells... which might be why the store is looking a bit like Mother Hubbard's cupboard at the mo! So bear with me, and keep your eyes peeled for all the new goodies coming your way! I promise I am getting things done, I just want there to be plenty available all at once so I am getting all the pieces ready to go, soon! Until then, you can catch us on Instagram or Facebook where I like to post pics of Wren in her (my) favourite outfits! (You'll see House of Mia leggings, t'shirts from Truly Sanctuary, Whistle and Flute, Sly Fox Threads, bandinis from Beau Hudson, and lots of other cool little brands out there at the moment! (All paired with a funky pair of PaperKrane boots!) Cause supporting handmade and shopping small is what we like to do!)

Wren's Outfits

And, remember that it is just me, myself and I at PaperKrane, (plus a couple of part time helpers) so I really appreciate your support and your patience when it comes to making a purchase. I do get to the post shop most days of the week but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and your parcel may go out one day later. But, I love that you've stopped by to have a look, come back any time!

Don't be a stranger!


Kate xx