What do you get when you cross the creative and graphic genius that is Kenzie Collective and Ellie Whittaker, with the quirk and coolness of PaperKrane?

You get ridiculously good looking kids kicks unlike any other!

A perfectly colourful and original spin on the classic t-bar, featuring a combination of pinks, purples, aqua and mustard of the 'It's Showtime' design, and then gorgeously accented with blue suede toe and heel details and velcro strap, as well as eye popping fuchsia rubber soles!

These beauties are truly show stoppers that'll have you breaking your legs in your rush to not miss out on them!

This is a new PK style shoe, the T-BAR! Because of the non-elastic ankle we recommend wearing socks with this style till shoe is worn in.



  • FLEXI - Natural rubber sole that packs a punch in the flex department 
  • MIDI - Genuine suede + natural rubber sole for active little walkers
  • Lovely canvas/printed poly cotton uppers with cotton or canvas inside
  • Velcro ankle closure, we recommend wearing socks until the shoes are well worn in.  
  • Suede toe and heel details to reinforce where it's needed most

MIDI SIZES | EU 19 (US size 2) to EU 23 (US size 5) 

FLEXI SIZES | EU 22 (US size 4) to EU 30 (US 12)  

Refer to the PK to find your closest fit SIZE CHART 



  • To make cleaning your PKs easier we suggest treating with a waterproof stain protector first. 
  • FLEXI SOLES - Spot clean or hand wash/wipe - we don't recommend machine washing. 
  • SOFTI/MIDI SOLES - Spot clean or hand wash/wipe 
  • Do not leave to soak in water to avoid any colour run
  • Brush or wipe the soles to clean  

Colours may vary from screen to screen, and pattern placement (if printed fabric) will vary from pair to pair. As with any item made from fabric or leather, wear and tear is part of the normal life of this item, every line or mark tells the story of an adventure your little one has been on.