We care about foot health, and that's why we make barefoot/minimal shoes. 

But we want more and we want our shoes to express how much we care about the world around us. 


SOLES WITH SOUL, our new initiative, sums up our desire to connect with Australia, the environment, people, art and culture, and to give back to our global community. 


When you see our "heart and sole" logo on an image, you will know that the pair of shoes it's attached to, is linked to something that's important to us, and when you purchase a pair of our Soles with Soul PKs, you know that proceeds from the sale will go to a special charity/organisation, to make this world a better place.  


You can find out more details about each of the charities/organisations we are donating to, and the amazing artists we are collaborating with, on our new Soles with Soul Instagram page (HERE), so please give us a follow, and join us in taking steps towards connecting with one another and the world around us!

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