September 17, 2013


So I realise that I'm pretty useless at this whole blogging thing, anyway! But, I've been a little distracted the past three months with the newest addition to the PaperKrane family. I seriously don't know where the time has gone?!

Her name is Wren (my little baby bird) and she arrived on the 14th of June, 2013. She sure didn't waste any time in getting here, one week early and took a short 6 hours from go to whoa. (I was expecting the worst, possibly a three day marathon with emergency c-section! So 6 hours and a natural birth was a pretty nice experience for a first baby.) And just like Marnie (the midwife at our antenatal classes) said, the gas is great! Not that I thought so right in the middle of a whopping great back contraction. (She was posterior until the last possible minute.)



So, lately I've been attempting to get a few new things made as I've kept my online store open the whole time and stock is starting to dwindle, especially in the smaller sizes. Everybody warned me about the lack of time I would have, but nobody really told me how hard it would be to peel myself away from a delicious little baby sleeping in my arms. She's just so cute! (Bit biased, but that's the way it goes, right?)

So... I've got a lot of work to do. I've been looking at new ways to get PaperKrane out there and have discovered a bunch of awesomely creative people through Instagram. I've even connected with a lovely lady named Joleen, who lives in Atlanta with her two Benjamins, takes fantastic photos and discovers cool new baby brands for her son to wear and to blog about.

I've taken up some advertising on her website HERE (go check her page out, you will find me on the right hand side along with a bunch of other choice baby brands.) Keep your eyes peeled for a review of PaperKrane booties (and an awesome giveaway) at the end of this month on Joleen's website/Instagram page.

Here are some of the new things I've been making since Wren arrived... not much, but I'll get there. The future looks exciting, and like a lot of work!

PaperBabe Blankies, new fabric/style hightop booties, new packaging and labels (With hand carved stamps by Tyr from This is Just to Say) and some baby carrier strap covers. (Something I've found handy while carting Wren around in the Ergobaby.) 

That's all for now! Like I said, keep your eyes peeled for new things, and chances to win some great PaperKrane items.