April 28, 2013



So, I've been in the process of designing and creating some new booties. Needless to say like all my booties, a lot of care and effort goes into making each pair! These just take a little longer than usual! I've made a few

 different styles now, and a few custom orders. (especially the girly vintage ones) Now I'm left with just one pair of them left, and the need to create a whole bunch more before winter, and the PaperBabe gets here... I've come to the conclusion that if I want them to make it to the online store then I need to get them made, take and edit pictures of each pair, and not take them to any of my remaining markets. That way I'll actually be able to get them online before they sell out! 

Anyway, am loving the new style, and they're super cosy with flannelette lining throughout, styling toe caps, and back panels, and even a nice soft faux suede sole (so they're still easy to chuck in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes! 

This week is shaping up to be super busy, with a lot of sewing on the horizon, another market next Saturday and the last of the custom orders to finish off. (Custom orders are currently closed as I'm finding it hard to keep up with demand, and functioning at a slower pace due to baby brain!) 

Keep your eyes peeled for the new ones coming soon!