December 10, 2012


The time has come to stop sewing for the year! (We're moving so I really have no choice!) And I've been thinking about ways to expand PaperKrane online in the new year while the craft market scene is a little quiet. 

Part of that is going to be me having to become more savvy in respects to promoting my store/products. Right now I have a 12 month listing on Kid Spot (a big online baby/parenting website with about 65,000 fans on Facebook) but I have yet to see how that has been of benefit to me. I can see there have been a few people who have been directed to my website from Kid Spot, but not many sales? I actually get more traffic from my PaperKrane facebook page which has only 650 likers! So lots of research on how I can make things work for PaperKrane! 

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few links to articles, interviews and other things featuring PaperKrane from my first 2/3 of a year in business...

A pic of a market listing in The Age newspaper, for one of my favourite markets, the Love, Evelyn Markets in Fitzroy. (Oh yeah! I'm a designer!)

This one is an interview for Shopify (the platform I use for my website) INTERVIEW WITH MARCUS

Also Shopify, it's nice to feel loved! BEST OF SHOPIFY

Here is a 'Meet the Maker' feature on Handmade kids, a great site run by the friendly and craft Maryanne. MEET THE MAKER

And one last pic, also a market listing in The Age, for the Indie Marketplace. Pretty stoked to actually have a picture of my booties chosen to appear on that one! 

So have a great Christmas, come say hi on Facebook, or put through an order on the website! Anyway, I'll see you around after the big move, and the big break from working!!