August 29, 2012


So... in between custom orders, making new stock for markets on the weekend, and generally making a huge mess of my house everyday... I've been working on a PaperKrane Pack for my friend Hannah's (business) 2nd birthday showcase. 

Hannah is the creative force behind Red Riding Hood Yarns, (You can visit her facebook page by clicking ---> HERE <---- Go check it out!) Hannah dyes her own yarn and runs a successful yarn club and more, and does this all from home with the support of her three gorgeous children and husband Rob! 

I am so impressed with Hannah's ability to run her business, and multitask everything else that's going on in her life! I can't even get my head around some of the simplest things I need to do to keep my business running from day to day! I think I may have to hit her up for some tips!

Anyway... back to the showcase. It's happening on August 6th (Thursday) and marks Red Riding Hood Yarns 2nd birthday. Hannah has a whole bunch of handmade businesses from NZ and AUS creating things for her showcase, all in the theme of, you guessed it... Red Riding Hood! If you want to have a look at some of the business that are participating (you may just be inspired to participate in the showcase sale yourself!) you can click this link here CLICK ME . Needless to say, I am pretty excited... it's basically the craft equivalent of what the Tuttle family does on American Chopper... we've all created themed products, and here is a sneak peek at what I've been working on. Enjoy!

These are a pair of hi top Red vs Big Bad booties (so much fun to make, and just a little bit cool, don't you think?)

They come with a matching bandana style bib which is reversable (It'll keep that cool breeze off your baby's neck!)

They'll appear as a set and the price will include postage. 

The idea of the showcase is to do just that... Showcase the talents of crafters and creators who have all had some fun making something for Red Riding Hood's 2nd Birthday. So come on over on the 6th and help Hannah celebrate by purchasing one of the beautiful products available... Most of which you won't be able to see until the 6th! (sorry)

Until then...