August 05, 2012


So I guess you all know that the London Olympic Games started last week right? How could you miss it, right? It's everywhere, and every man and his advertising dog are cashing in on the games.

We're lucky enough to have Foxtel at ours. (Husband got that last year because of the Rugby world cup) So we've been enjoying the 8 channels of various events on 24 hours a day (and the numerous repeats the following day of events that we shouldn't have stayed up so late to watch!)

When you have so many high profile athletes in one place and emotions running high, you know there's going to be a few memes, or internet memes if I want to be correct! (Now can someone tell me if that's pronounced 'me me' (As in Hello, it's me!) or does it sound like meem? Perhaps it's meh meh? Meh! I like to say it like 'me me' but according to the internet it is said 'meem'... 

Anyway, there have been a few good ones, and a lot are already doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, etc... Here are a few of my favs from the past week. And as one classy English broad sang it... Let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start. When you read you being with A, B, C... when you meme (meem) you being with old Queen E! (may have taken a liberty or two there, he he)

(If you can't see the hilarious collection of memes that I've found on the web... click on the big PaperKrane logo at the top... that'll take you through to the blog on the website... where you can actually see the pics! I always write this because when I get my email on a Monday I can never see the pics!)

 And how could we leave out the king!

This guys was just plain excited to be competing!

First gold for the Netherlands? 

This meme made its appearance during the Beijing Olympics... but I was living in South Korea at the time, so it holds a special place in my heart! 

This will just blow your mind...

(First to person to tell me the four names of this Gold winning US team (in the comment section) gets a free mini mobile sent to them! I better go look up the other three names so I'll know if you're right!)

Recent studies have shown that this happens all the time!

And for those of you that missed this during the week... the faces of Olympic diving! There are even memes where people have photoshopped these divers onto toilets and given interesting commentary about explosive beginnings, points off for messy entries, and how difficult it would be to synchronise this! (I'm easily amused  `:-)) Go check them out!

So, I hope you're enjoying the Olympics? I've been loving the rowing (for the obvious Kiwi medal haul!)

Not many, if any!

But I think my favourite Olympic sport has to be the gymnastics, or the weightlifting, or the swimming, or the cycling, or the track... or perhaps the archery? 

Oh well, at least with Foxtel I can flick back and forth between them all! 

Have a great week!