July 20, 2012


So, over the last month I've taken up reading a lot of blogs, some of which I've come across naturally, and some I've come across through other crafty businesses I admire... and some, the one I'm going to write about right now, through Pinterest. 

Have you heard about Pinterest? Of course you have! You haven't been living under a rock! (I apologise if in fact you have been or are currently living under a rock... each to their own!) Anyway, I digress... when Pinterest first popped up on the radar back in the middle of last year - when you had to be invited, and wait to be confirmed to become a member - (is that still the case now?) I was invited by my co worker Nicola (an Irish girl who I met through the school we both taught at in Korea - miss you Nic!) 

Anyway... Pinterest was an instant addiction for me... so many craft ideas, so many yummy things! And it felt great to be able to follow a link through to the website/blog that it came from in the first place, where you can find more and more interesting things to take back and pin on Pinterest (I mean, they even created a 'pin it' button that goes in your tool bar, so when you find something amazing, you can pin it to Pinterest quick smart. 

You start re-pinning others pins, and liking things that are quite lovely... all with the intention of getting around to making, baking, and doing all of these things one day! (At least that's the plan. (Everything you like or re-pin is handily stored for you to look at later... I likey!)) I haven't got around to making, baking, or doing most of the things I 'liked' or 'pinned' ... yet!

Well, about a month ago I see this delicious looking picture of a white cup with a stark white background, and out of this white cup puffs a mound of fluffy looking cake. So I re-pin instantly onto my board named 'deliciousness' ---> (http://pinterest.com/PaperKraneK8/deliciousness/) and this time I totally plan to make this recipe cause it's a motherflippin cake in a coffee cup that you bake in the microwave and it takes like 1min 20sec to bake... and about 5 mins to mix together. Oh yeah, my kind of cake! 

So here is the link to the Prudent Baby blog where I saw the original cake... as dreamed up by Jaime over there xx (Thanks Jaime!) http://prudentbaby.com/2011/10/entertaining-food/a-cup-of-coffee-cake-in-under-five-minutes-2/ Definitely go check it out because her photos are beautiful and her cake looks slightly more appetising than mine! (just slightly, he he) 

Now for the results of my attempt... and for those of you that don't go over to Prudent Baby to get the proper recipe... I will post the ingredients and method here with my, not as beautiful pictures of my attempt at a cake in a cup! (if you can't see the images... click through to the website to read it)


Put one tablespoon of butter in your cup, then microwave it for 10-15 seconds... don't melt, just soften.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and stir until light and creamy. (About 30 seconds)

Now for the optional egg part (You can add an egg, or not, Jaime says it will be more 'cakey' if you add the egg) I split one egg between two mugs. Then added two tablespoons of sour cream to each mug.

After giving those things a good stir... add 1/4 cup of flour and 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking powder (I cheated and used self raising flour!)

CRUMBLE: Put one tablespoon of butter in a bowl, add one tablespoon of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of flour, and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Then push it around with your fingers a bit but not too much. 

Now, pop the crumble on top of the mixture in your cup. 

Microwave that for 1 minute to start with... then 10sec increments until it's perfect. I zapped mine for 1min, then 20sec... but I think it would've been fine 10 seconds either side of that, too!

It's gonna be hot, so watch out! Or like my husband said... this could do with some ice cream! 

ENJOY! And I'd love to hear how yours turned out!

My friend Rebecca put coconut in her crumble... that sounds pretty good! And I bet you could use unsweetened yoghurt instead of sour cream?