July 15, 2012


HOUSE HUNTING (if you can't see the pics... click on the heading)

I feel like I'm back at university again, when every year I would move flat and go through the process of looking through a whole bunch of new houses! 

This weekend Ken and I went house hunting around our area... Which means it's almost been 1 year since we moved to Melbourne! We've been renting a place which has its good and bad points. And now we're scouting around to see if we can find anything closer to the centre of our little town (that incorporates the best parts of the place we're in now). 

One of the good things about our current place is that it fits all of 'our' stuff in... and by that, I mean all of my stuff! Ken thinks that if we didn't have so much space to fill, we wouldn't have accumulated so much... and that leaves us with the problem of finding a new place that can hold it all! Not as easy as you'd think! Another good point is that the rent is great! Also not so easy to find a place as large, for as reasonable a price! But, for the good, there's the bad... we're on a corner 

block, with a busy road behind us - and a roundabout that hoons just love to take at top speed so they can hear their wheels skidding at 1am! We don't have an undercover outdoor area, and there's no ducted heating or aircon! (None of these things are really that bad... but they give us 

an excuse to look around!)

Anyway, we took a look at so many places yesterday some have started to blur together. The one with the huge laundry, and narrow stairs and the one with the small courtyard that smelt like a vet clinic... Was that one place? Or four different places?

Well... still no decision made on a place. We may just end up staying where we are if we can't find anything better!

It seems you never can win... and sometimes have to be satisfied with what you have... but that last place, I'm pushing to move there, even though it's $180 more a month than what we pay now! (About 5 min walk from the train station, similar distance to the main street... so close!)