July 11, 2012



Today just happened to be both! The thing is... it wasn't even Monday, it was Tuesday! 

Something strange has been happening since I started to work from home on my little crafty business! The days and dates are disappearing. And I don't just mean that time is whizzing by... which it is... I mean I just can't seem to keep track of time anymore! Can any of you relate to this? Is it strictly a 'working from home' thing? Or just me?  

I could've sworn that it was Monday today... it wasn't, same way I could've sworn last month was May... it wasn't!

I am getting lots done with my time though! Today I completed two custom bunting orders, and 11 pairs of booties. What I didn't have was any time for myself, my dog, or my husband. (Although he had a long day at work as well I think the novelty of having the sewing machine in the living room (where the heater is) is wearing off!) 

Tomorrow, Wednesday right(?), I will be taking some pics of the booties I made today, editing them, posting them to Facebook and website... which in itself takes an amazing amount of time! And by the time I finish I'll probably be convinced that it's Friday... Anyway here's to a week that feels short, and a weekend that lasts forever! 

PS - Here's our yorkie Bruce, who wishes we paid constant attention to him! What a cutie! (He came all the way from Korea with me.)

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