July 08, 2012


WEEK ONE: (Way back when) When I first started making booties, and getting orders and things were a lot more simple! I realised things that seemed simple to me may not seem so simple to others... especially one of the most important parts of a PaperKrane pair of booties... The origami box that I hand cut and fold for each pair. 

It seemed simple to me because it was something I learnt to make when I was seven, from the very creative primary school teacher I had at the time. I used to fold this box - which doesn't require anything sticky to hold it together - and give it as a gift to family members along with a 'K8's cards' card. The box of course rarely ever held a gift inside (not until my teenage years)... but what was I gonna do? I was a child with no money of my own! 

Anyway, I digress... This box is a part of my life, and has now become a part of PaperKrane, and I needed to show people how to open it. So I made this little video to demonstrate how to do so... This way, if you get a pair of PaperKrane booties, you can keep them in the box after your bub grows out of them, or save yourself the hassle of wrapping them as a gift for another! 

(At the time there was a popular silent film winning all the oscars! I may have borrowed a few elements from that movie for my own vid!)  :) 

WEEK ONE: (PaperKrane goes live) Now it's further down the track and things are not so simple... and one week ago (June 29th, 2012) I launched this website! Which has quietly gotten off to a nice little start! And...kept me very busy indeed!

It's a big learning curve for someone like me, this whole - being online, writing a blog, keeping up with Facebook, craft markets on the weekends, custom orders being placed via email, and shopping for materials - thing! Oh, and folding more and more origami boxes!  

When I say 'someone like me' I mean a kooky, creative brain that is not so good at thinking 'business' - that's what the husband's for - but better at jumping quickly from idea to idea! The next challenge for me will be to actively write a lot more down (ideas, sales, materials I need, market dates, ...etc) so I don't lose track of what's happening around me, as it's happening very fast right now. 

But, I am loving it, all of it! Especially the weekend markets and meeting all of the new people, both online and the stallholders and customers at market. (But I'll leave that for next week's blog!) So stay tuned... There's big things brewing!

Here's a few pics of my fav boxes...