July 03, 2012



Ask most people who know me... They can probably tell you that I have a slight shoe - as my husband likes to call it - problem! 

I think of it less as a problem and more as a desire to put a little bit of something cool into my life each day... I'm not or never have been thought of as fashion savvy, or even close to fashionable (even though I think I have my own unique style?) but I do love to use my shoes to make my own fashion statement. (I get this from my dad, who has always had a thing for unique shoes, and plenty of them - "Don't tell your mother that I bought these... $280 later!") 

With the whole PaperKrane idea I thought why not add something to the mix that I am truly passionate about! SHOES. And that's how my little booties were born. The look of them is inspired by a pair (or two) of shoes that I got while in Korea... They are that style known as 'Kungfu' (popular back in the early 90's when everyone thought they could walk up walls in their Bata Bullets!) they're easy to slip on and off, which is what you want in Korea as you need to remove your shoes when entering a building, or home.

Here are my shoes... my inspiration! 

Do you have a special something that has inspired a choice in your life? I'd love to hear about it!