July 01, 2012




It's a rainy Sunday here in Melbourne and I'm thinking back to January of this year, and to part of the puzzle that helped me put PaperKrane together... I'm also watching Louis CK so I'm finding it hard to concentrate on writing this and to not snort my drink out through my nose.

Doodley doo doodley doo doodley doo (that's flashback music for those of you that have seen Wayne's World)...So I'm back in New Zealand (after my first Christmas in Australia) and there's about 20 days till the wedding FARK ... 

Time to hit the gym! (And the scrapbooking store which just happened to be across from the gym)

I didn't manage to drop a whole lot of weight before the wedding, (even though I was hitting the gym  and walking every day) though most girls dream of being incredibly skinny for just that one day. (I didn't want to end up with wedding pics that didn't really resemble me at any point in my life! In my mind that would just lead to my future children asking... Mummy, who is that lady in the pictures with daddy? Oh who am I kidding... I wanted to be skinny!) But, I did manage to get a heck of a lot of other things done before the big day... 

I learnt how to make tissue paper flowers, I strung a lot of my paper kranes (conveniently shipped from Korea months before) into the mobile form that you see today, made place cards, table setting thingees, and a guest book in my very first(possibly last) attempt at doing what people call 'scrapbooking'? Although there was no book, just a box covered in funky patterned paper... I think I did a pretty good job at getting the entire event put together. 

I couldn't have done it without the help of Sue at the Jetty Cafe (http://jettycafe.co.nz/ our venue) who let me sleep in on the morning of the wedding and assured me she would set it all up for me! (we had a run through setting up one table the afternoon before - little OCD of me, but that's just me!) Initially I had planned on taking myself + bridesmaids to the Jetty Cafe and setting up the place myself/ourselves. Very glad I didn't in the end as it allowed me to drink a few more glasses of bubbly for breakfast! 

Anyway.... wedding blah blah blah... here are some pics of the projects I undertook and completed for the wedding.

 I can't forget to mention Jenn Hadley who took our beautiful photos (http://jennhadleyphotography.co.nz/portraits.html) and my wonderful girls Lucy Corleison (maid of honour and little sis) Jody Cherrington and Natasha Fitzpatrick who got me through the whole thing!

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