June 27, 2012




With the invites in the wind it was time to set about the next task... favours and little consumables for the guests.

After much research and experiments with folding, sticking, and printing we decided to make some little glassine pouches with funky labels to hand out to the guests as they arrived at the venue. 

So I got back on Illustrator to work it all out!

To continue with the handmade idea I cut out and made the pouches myself and came up with a couple of ideas of things to put in the pouches! (We originally wanted to have two different pouches... the first would have some little Korean chocolates in it for guests to nibble on in the summer heat while waiting for the wedding ceremony to start, and the other would contain rice - to throw at us after the ceremony! At the last minute we had to 'throw' away the idea of having the rice as the summer heat didn't eventuate and a Southerly breeze brought the wedding inside!)  Here's what our little parcels looked like <3

Continuing with the idea of yummy little things for our guests we went with a very simple wedding favour. One that the guests could collect as they came in to take a look at the seating charts. This is where the 'Favourite flavoured favour' idea came in... Ken and I thought about our favourite lollies from childhood and put together little packs that contained a couple of each of our favourite lollies. Then guests could take one as they came in. (mmm fruit sticks, milk bottles, minties, and a fruity little green plum number from Korea!)

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