June 26, 2012



Once the decision was made to make 1000 paper kranes for the wedding the rest of the ideas flowed (sometimes) freely!

Place cards, table decorations, guest book, favours, flowers, cake!!! Most importantly and urgently were the invitations... At this point, I am still in Korea and Ken has returned (from Korea) to New Zealand to get back to his 'real' job! Luckily I had plenty of things to keep me occupied outside of school hours.

After that, I got down to business... Using Adobe Illustrator I set about recreating a design I had seen online and really liked. This took a lot of back and forth between Korea and NZ as we got the details needed on the invites just right! We wanted to take the design and add our own special touches... which included some more informal language than your standard wedding invite! Until they were 'Sweet As!'

Just to make sure I wasn't taking things too easy I went and bought packs and packs of thick paper in the colour we wanted... drew up two simple templates and traced, cut, folded and stuck together around 100 envelopes for the invites, and 100 envelopes for the RSVPs! 
The end result was awesome, and had that handmade touch that we were going for while looking completely beautiful and tidy at the same time! On a tip from a friend I headed to Chungmuro in central Seoul to the 'Print' area to get the invites done... One day and $100 later I had in my possession the invites to our wedding!