October 10, 2015


Super sorry for the short notice on this one. Especially if you're not following PaperKrane on Instagram or Facebook. 

Restock is at 12pm AEDT (Melbourne time) Saturday October 10th. (And thanks to a major technical difficulty this will only arrive at 12pm into your inbox... which I am so super sorry for)

There are two main styles available, the Daisy Duke, and the Boss Boots (featuring the cool Boston terrier print from my fave designer, Andrea Lauren) Check them out. 

Daisy Duke baby high topsBoss Boots


I've also got some sneaky extra pairs JUST FOR YOU GUYS READING THIS in the same styles as the previous restock. Glow Yo, Spotty Dotty, BubbleGems, and Highland Fling (Those pairs are all ready to ship and will be located on another page which you can access HERE... This stock will appear shortly after 12pm as well, but will not be visible unless you use that link above. The new styles will still run to the 3-4 week turnaround so if you get both the ready to ship will ship out later.) 

Hope this reaches you in time! Good luck!

Kate xx