April 17, 2015


Hey peeps, just a quick post to let you know (If you hadn't already seen on Instagram and Facebook earlier in the week) that there is a restock today at 2pm AEST (that's Melbourne Australia time) 

There'll be the same stock as the last restock, so The Bronx boots, Retro Blooms, and Pitch Black Lime. Also there are a few surprise pairs, with the Pink Panda Paws making their first appearance and also a few of the popular TriTop Fruits from last year... there's Blueberry, Raspberry, Grape and Mint at this restock. 

Same as always, it's best to be prepared. Log into paypal 5-10 minutes before the store restocks, make sure you have your credit card handy if you don't have a paypal account. If you have a store account, log into that too, so you don't have to log in while checking out... Know exactly what you want and the size you need and go for it. Trust me, there's no time to hesitate. The Shopify cart doesn't hold items for you, so if you are the first to get through to checkout, they're yours, if not, you'll get a screen that says "something went wrong" or "there seems to be some inventory issues"... don't push the back button, click on the shop icon or PaperKrane icon, reset that page and see if there's pairs still available. Pushing the back button just confuses you into thinking the pairs are still available when they might not be!! 

If you want things like PK tees or totes, make sure they're in your cart before 2PM, that way you won't have to add them after you chose your booties. 

PaperKrane Retro Bloom booties

Remember, I am just a small one woman business and that while I try to do as many pairs as humanly possible, there is still a finite number of available stock at each restock. Once orders come in, I then take 2-3 weeks to work on putting all the pairs together, getting them packed and sent out to you. If you do miss out, there will always be another restock not far round the corner, and also there's sometimes some random pairs available for sale... on instagram I've started a hashtag #sellyourpkshere and if you have preloved PKs, you can use that hashtag to sell yours on to one of the mums who is looking for them! 

Thanks, and good luck today! Please be kind on social media, remember that there's lots of people trying to get the same finite number of items, and that some of you will be successful, and some will miss out. I know, it sucks! 

Kate xx