April 05, 2015


Hello! Hard Rocker high tops

So just a quick heads up, I'm going to put this style - the Hard Rockers - into stock. 2pm on Sunday afternoon, April 5th, but that's Melbourne Australia time, so remember, that could be sometime on the 4th or perhaps a different time on the 5th for you. 

There'll be just this style available, the other booties will remain sold out or coming soon. The store has some PK tees in stock and tote bags too! So if you were after one of those, I suggest popping that into your cart, just before 2pm (or whatever time that will be for you) and waiting for the booties to pop up at 2. 

There will be a few available, but there may not be enough for everyone? This is always the case, and that means some will go to check out and the item will no longer be in the cart, as the stock is limited, it goes to the first people to pay for their orders. Unfortunately this is the way the cart works, on mine, and many stores. Please don't be too upset if this happens, it is out of my hands. There will always be more booties! :) {Tips for a quick check out include using your laptop instead of your phone, logging into paypal early, knowing exactly the size that you need, adding other items to the cart beforehand. And just clicking faster than anyone else. Make sure your paypal address is up to date and that you select the correct postage upon checkout.}

I know I have been getting a few emails and comments on Instagram and Facebook about when things will be available, I'll hope you have a read of the next bit so I can hopefully explain things better. I'm sorry if you missed the two restocks I had just over a week ago, there wasn't a lot of warning and I'm sorry I missed sending out an email. 

{Just a little background on why there hasn't been as many restocks or styles released this year.} In mid February we took Wren (our little girl) to a specialist appointment for her leg/hip. We had been waiting a couple of months for that to come up and when we finally got there we found out that she had been living with a dislocated hip since birth or soon after. Within two weeks she was in hospital for hip surgery (to pop the leg back in) and is currently in week 5 of being in a 12 week spica cast (It goes from her armpits to her ankles). Then it'll be on to a brace. She is currently a full time care job for me during the day, and requires nappy changes overnight as well. So my time is at a premium and I'm very stretched as it is. (Even more now than before, and getting a lot less sleep!) I hope you can understand. I'm just doing the best I can. I want you to have booties, I have so many that are half way prepared, I just don't have the time to get them all finished. Wren is, and always will be, number one priority and I wanted to make sure you all understand that. So asking me when I'm going to restock or if I can make a special order for you, adds more stress. As parents yourselves, I think you'll get where I'm coming from. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your Easter weekend xo

I'll keep working towards getting more styles out over the next couple of months.