May 15, 2016


Today is the day for the STREET vs GEEK PK restock! 

From Krazies to Potter PKs and everything in between, there's something to suit each geeky gangsta vying for a pair!

I'd like to thank Hadassah Hine, a PK mum and customer who is also a talented writer, for having some fun and writing up all the product descriptions this month! I think she's done an amazing job at bringing that aspect back to the PaperKrane website for me. 

Now... it's time to study for today's big test. Check out all the pairs available HERE Looking at getting a tee? There's limited stock left in our ace bronze PK high top print, so load that into your cart before the shoes load up at 12:30. That way you won't waste time adding it after and potentially lose the shoes you have. (We all know the cart doesn't hold stock till you clear that PayPal page and you're on the page adding your shipping details/discount codes/etc...)

Good luck today! Perhaps you may be best to study a little PK CHEMISTRY 101