January 14, 2015


Happy New Year! Who else is still feeling like they're in holiday mode?

This month is running a little differently to a regular month on the PK website due to me heading away in 2 week's time, for 2 weeks... Since the start of January I've been working at getting an amount of stock ready to ship, or close to shipping anyway, so that I can get things packed and sent before heading away for a much needed break!

So here's how it'll go over the next 1.5 weeks. There will be a couple of styles available every couple of days, and all orders will ship around the 26th of Jan (so in just under 2 weeks from now... a pretty good turnaround time compared to the usual 3-4 weeks I've been working with for the past year thanks to some prep!)

PK Plum booties

BOOTIES THIS WEEK: All released at 12pm AEDT (check your time diff)
THURS 15th ~ Pitch Black {Kapow} + Gems + Bronze Babes.

SAT 17th ~ Geo Pines + PK Sorbet {super ltd}

SUN 18th ~ Pitch Black {inky spot} + Plum

{There may be a few other things here and there depending on how I'm going... and more next week.}

Aiming to have them all done by and posted on Mon 26th. So good luck, lock it in depending on what you want. If you want things on different days I'm happy to refund extra postage for you. (You must let me know this in the notes of any order after the first one, or I will send separately)
But please no other requests or questions via email over the next week.
I'll try to give you as much info via social media as I can, and I hope that you take the time to read or look for the answers before emailing, it's usually all there! I won't be answering as there so much to get done!

This is part of a special focus month where I'm planning ahead for the year. There are some rad things coming up for PaperKrane.  But that's also why this month is running a little differently to usual! Thanks xx Kate