May 31, 2014

STORE UPDATE - restock/release

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys! I've finally cleared the orders from the last release, well most of them anyway! Ha ha. 

As this hits your inboxes, the online store will reopen. 

There will be more Bat Boots, Wild Things, Tri Top 2.0 boots, more bandana bibs, and a couple of new styles. Well, one returning pair and one new. You'll see the mustard Leo boots have made a comeback, finally, and that there's a new pair called GRUNTS. A dark army camo pair that are great for hitting the playground, as well as cruising in the pram. 

This week we also had a small PaperKrane shoot at the beautiful Werribee Mansion (out west in Melbourne) - This is Ry, the photographer's son. He's rocking our camo pants and GRUNTS. I was glad to have this little action man to test out the new booties. He ran ran ran... then walked a bit, then climbed, then ran again! Booties on the whole time. So for those of you who aren't sure about a pair of PaperKranes for your little walkers, just ask Ry and his mum how this pair went! Plus... how amazing are her pictures! More to come. In the meantime, go shoe her some love by liking her Facebook page. :)

You can find his LA BOSS (with gold foil) tee here at Little Peeps. (Another Australian business who we love to support.)

So if you were after a pair of booties, get online and grab a pair. The next restock and product launch will be towards the end of June... in two weeks we have Wren's first birthday! So there will be a period when the store closes again... and just like me, I don't have much prepared for her party!! The next two weeks are going to be BUSY!

Thanks again for all your support, it's great to see my little biz go from strength to strength and that's thanks to you guys.