February 07, 2014


So just a quick one! I had every intention of writing about how I loved bandanas and a nice little collection of my own when I lived in Korea. Perfect for winter, and snowboarding and riding your bike in -20 weather. But... as so often it does lately, time has slipped away! Between breakfast for the baby and popping her down for a nap and making myself feel human again... there is not much time!


So anyway, I have a bunch of new prints from Fabulous designer Andrea Lauren, and I'm putting them on the website for pre order, tonight at 8pm AEDT (so roughly ten hours from now)


Here's the first exclusive sneak peek of some of the pairs... 

I'll also be releasing some new bandana bibs made from soft cotton knit fabrics with a fleece lined jersey on the reverse! Great for little dribblers, and stylers.