December 14, 2013


So, the time has almost come to shut up shop, take a breath, put my feet up for a minute. Then clean my house!! (Something that has fallen way way way by the wayside since Wren was born 6 months ago! Even more so over the last three weeks... *hangs head in shame, and apologises to those that have come to visit recently and had to witness the mess!) 

The last three weeks have been busier than I've ever been in the last couple of years. So thank you so much for supporting my little biz and snapping up a whole bunch of the new pairs that I managed to get ready. I can't wait for the next lot of new prints to arrive. I've gone with more designs by Andrea Lauren, as she is ACE! And really knows how to geometrically capture all the cool animals.

So, late Sunday December 15th (AEDT - That's Melbourne/Sydney), or possibly when I get up with Wren at 5:30am on Monday morning I will be closing the online store down for Christmas. During this time there will be no way to order products until the store re-opens in mid January. Hopefully with a bevvy of new, funky boots, booties, bandana bibs, blankies, paper birdies and other bbbbrilliant things! You will, instead, be able to check out some beautiful photos from the PaperKrane photo shoot with Joleen Pete, a natural light photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

If you do want to enquire about placing an order, or get some info, there is the contact button (lower right of your screen) and I'd love to hear from you! 

Well... Happy Holidays from my little family, we are looking forward to our first Christmas with Wren, and also our first one back in the motherland with our families for the first time in about 5 years! Have a great time, and see you in the New Year! Oh and if you had an order that you wanted to place, you've got about 12 hours to do so!!