December 02, 2013


Well, judging by everyone's Facebook updates... a lot of Christmas trees went up over the weekend! 

Do you have a tradition at your house of putting up your Christmas tree on the 1st of December?

I don't actually remember what day we used put ours up when I was younger, but I do remember that it was one of my favourite days of the year! We've been living away from home for so many years that we haven't had a proper Christmas tree for ages! 

Even though this is Wren's first Christmas, we will be in New Zealand with family, (who will have a tree up) so I think we're going to leave our tree till next year when she's 18 months old and able to feel a little more excitement towards decorating the tree and opening presents.

Anyway due to the lack of a physical tree at our place, I've created a free Geometric Christmas Tree printable that you can use on your Christmas cards, put in a little frame (8x10) or possibly even create your own wrapping paper from if you're super excited about it!

You can find the PDF HERE. Enjoy! Share it around, and I hope your holidays are happy ones. Or if you prefer Rudolph you can click HERE!

Geometric Christmas tree