November 17, 2013


When will the new stock be on the website?

This would have to be the most common question I am being asked at every turn these days! I love your enthusiasm for new booties, and most of the time I love the pressure!! I am/have been working as hard as I can each day to bring them to you... and bring them to you I will... SOON!

So... I'm sure most of you are aware that it's taken me... oh... about 5 months (approx amount of time since Wren was born) to get anything done!!

When Wren was about 3 weeks old (now 22 weeks) and my parents were visiting, I managed to get one pair of booties made... With grand plans on the brain, and days filled with baby stuff, there was not much time to turn those ideas into reality. But, gradually over the past 4 months, since that first pair post baby, I have been putting together the individual pieces for a number of new booties. 

The idea being, when a pair is ordered I can simply complete the final steps in making the bootie and pop it in the post within the week following the order being made! All of the hard, time consuming part will already be done. This takes some of the pressure off creating and completing all of the pairs of booties that I have been making the pieces for! But also gives me lots to do should I have no order to work on.

Baby shoe pieces


Hopefully sometime in the near future I can get back to having everything pre-made and ready to ship! 

So for those of you reading this... THIS WEEK! The wait will be over. You heard it here first... and you will have a 12 hour period (once the booties are loaded) to shop, before those not signed up to the Newsletter find out!

Bear with me!